Teddy’s Playhouse

For recovery I moved Teddy’s crate into my bedroom. From there he can see out into the hallway across to the living room where I sit at my desk. Other than nighttime though I’ve tried to use it as little as possible. Unfortunately as he’s been feeling better he’s been acting up where he wants to jump onto my bed or the couch, or even wrestle with Doodle. At those times he ends up back in ‘jail’ and he makes it quite clear he doesn’t like that at all.

In order to get anything done around the house without constantly having to watch him I ended up ordering a Parkland Pet Playpen, which arrived yesterday. Very easy to assemble and much larger than I expected; as you can see by the photos it easily accommodates a 50 lb dog, a few dog beds, pillows, blanket. etc. It took him a bit but he finally went in on his own, and once he saw the King Ted Bed he wasted no time settling in.


7 thoughts on “Teddy’s Playhouse

    • It’s difficult when they think they’re better and don’t understand what’s going on. I’d put him in the crate and he stare at me and moan….a bit over dramatic but it is nice being able to have him out in the living room safely 🙂

    • Playpens/play yards were mentioned in a dog group I belong to. This type seems to be popular with hikers and campers. There are also metal pens that can be attached to standard crates, as well as hard plastic pens. I like this one because it’s lightweight and folds flat.

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