Game Day

Emily is in her third year at Michigan State, Tim will be starting at the University of Maryland in the spring. Football game between the two schools tonight at 7:30 and the dogs are ready 😀

Teddy representing the Spartans:

And Doodle for the Terps:

A little bit of warm up fun in the kitchen:

And they are ready to watch the game 😴


6 thoughts on “Game Day

  1. Oh, they’re Big Ten pups! They are very good fans and supporters of their family. Representing well in their jerseys… We’re a Big Ten family, too — my brother and his wife are both faculty at MSU, and they and I and my nephews are alums of Northwestern, Illinois, Michigan, and OSU. I will cheer the Spartans tonight. (Even tho my alma mater walloped them last weekend… Go Cats! OMG, sacrilege! Cheering Cats in our dogs’ very own homes, LOL!)

    • Yeah, it’s funny….we’re originally from MI, moved to MD years ago then Emily got offered a full ride at MSU. Tim is transferring from community college to UMD in the spring. Youngest daughter just put in her college applications, luckily for me none of her choices are Big 10 schools 🙂

      • Evidently it’s not MSU’s year. And I confess, except for following NU football, my only other sports enthusiasm involves international soccer — the tournaments. Watching the international football is something I shared with my immigrant dad during my childhood. Whenever my husband chastises me for spending too much time watching World Cup and Euro Cup games every few summers, I tell him that 1. it gives me joy, 2. it’s a simple pleasure and 3. he is just not allowed to question anything that gives me happy memories of my departed and much loved father.
        But I’m also a fair weather fan for any of the local teams, so right now I’m parading about in my Cubs cap. 🙂

  2. When we had tv/cable I’d watch things like gymnastics, figure skating, diving. Superbowl was a family thing, none of us were really fans and we’d choose sides by the teams’ costumes 😉 Last World Cup was at a time when we were playing trivia at a local bar/restaurant, we all ended up enjoying it and looked forward to the games. It’s really nice that you had that with your dad ❤

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