Oto Snacks Project

Some of my favorite fish are bottom feeders: kuhli loaches, pygmy cories, and otos.

Otos (Otocinclus vittatus) are a small catfish, max size is around 2″. They are great algae eaters and very peaceful with other fish and shrimp-including fry-which makes them quite popular. I currently have one but they do best in groups. Unlike my kuhli friends, otos are not nocturnal and are interesting to watch, either while they’re busy cleaning plants or tank glass, or resting balanced on plant leaves.

I don’t specifically feed my oto. It’s pretty easy to determine if he’s getting enough to eat by the size of his belly. That being said I decided to try growing some algae rocks to supplement what’s already available in the tank. This is basically putting aquarium safe clean rocks or stones in a container of dechlorinated water then adding a tiny bit of fish food and some leaf litter from one of the tanks. Container gets placed in direct sunlight and hopefully will produce some nice algae treats for the little guy.



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