New Order

Last week I talked about possibly doing another fish order…fast forward and that order arrived today! From Rachel at Invertebrates by Msjinkzd: green neons, white clouds, otos, and Amano shrimp.

Otos acclimating in shipping bag:

Otos in bucket before separating:

White clouds when bag first hung in tank:

White clouds 30 minutes later:

Amano shrimp, which like other bottom feeders are major poop machines:

This is the happiest I’ve been with the tanks in a very long time, not just because of the new additions but overall. I setup a spreadsheet for maintenance and calendar reminders which seems to help a lot instead of thinking I should do this or that occasionally. It’s nice to sit and look at the tanks, enjoy what I’m seeing without being stressed.

On that note here’s a quick phone camera shot I took, right side of the 16g. Gotta love photo bombing fish  😂



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