Review: Grriggles Scented Gingerbread Man

I decided to give Doodle the gingerbread man that was part of the Rescue Box that arrived last week. She gets so excited about new toys, this time was no exception. At first she just ran around with it in her mouth then went from room to room trying to get someone to throw it for her. After getting tired from toy fetch she ‘played’ with it by herself…squeaker was gone first and not long after gingerbread man was destroyed.

It lasted approximately 45 minutes which was longer than I expected. Until I got the box I’d never heard of scented dog toys…it was ok at first but after a few minutes smelled like a combination of not-quite-cinnamon and bad dog breath. I checked a bunch of web sites and it looks like this averages around $10. I definitely wouldn’t pay that much for it, especially considering the fact that Doodle isn’t a heavy-duty chewer.



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