New Tank Progress

At this point I suppose it isn’t really a new tank but since I have two Spec Vs I call it that to differentiate between them.

This is the tank I started in October. I’m not using the most plant-friendly substrate so growth is a bit slow but there has been progress. For a while I was having issues with the snails uprooting the crypt parva but that hasn’t happened recently; now for whatever reason I’m having trouble keeping the pennywort in the sand.

The schedule I’ve been following is a weekly water change, twice weekly doses of Flourish and Flourish Excel, and a weekly dose of Leaf Zone. I’ve been changing out the Poly Filter every other water change. Water quality hasn’t been a problem, it’s more of a preventative measure since I overstock. I also add a new Indian almond leaf maybe once a month.

Nov 03

Nov 10

Nov 13

Nov 20

Dec 02

Thoughts on this tank? I’m happy with the hardscape and finally starting to relax about the plant growth. Looking back at these pics I’m sure at this point that I want to add a background, I really don’t like seeing the cords hanging in the back. It’s a good livestock combination, if I did anything with that it would be to increase the number of both Amano shrimp and white clouds but not until spring when the weather is better for shipping.


3 thoughts on “New Tank Progress

  1. Looks great! For the background, perhaps consider a can of black Plasti-Dip spray-on plastic. If you don’t like the look or get tired of it, it peels off easily.

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