Review: Pet Gift Box December

Yesterday the December Pet Gift Box arrived:

A Paw print ornament kit
B Mascot Pet Products candy cane fragrance collar
C Candy cane squeaky toy
D Polka Dog Bakery Stocking Stuffer
E Gingerbread man squeaky toy

I gave this one a try for two months but I’m going to cancel. While I do like that each month has a theme the items aren’t worth $25 in terms of use for me/my dogs. I had been planning to get a paw print ornament kit so I was happy about that; the collar and treats will most likely get donated to a shelter. The toys are definitely cute but with my dogs I know they won’t last. I’m going to start researching boxes that consistently send edibles, especially chews.


2 thoughts on “Review: Pet Gift Box December

  1. I know what you mean about utility of the items. But I also know what you mean about how the themes are fun. I do get a kick out of opening the boxes and dispensing the toys, even if they don’t last. I truly love seeing the dogs get excited about the various . I don’t know about boxes that are exclusively edibles (and I’ve found that the edibles are quite high quality in the box subscriptions). So if you find one of those, let us know! Merry Christmas to you and your delightful pack!

    • They’re definitely a nice convenience…it’s also interesting to get things that I probably wouldn’t choose myself if I was out shopping. I’ll probably do more research next month.

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