Quick Aquarium Updates

The cruise had me away from the house for eight days. The kids take care of the dogs but I still make quite detailed plans and instructions for feeding, sleeping arrangements, medications, etc. The fish and aquariums are the opposite end of the spectrum.

I let the fish go unfed. My stock is pretty basic-no high end, special needs fish-so they can easily go two weeks without feeding. I put a timer on the 16g light but left the two Specs alone. After almost a week and a half with mainly ambient lighting and no ferts the plants looked surprisingly good!

The new(er) Spec seemed to do the best. I managed to keep a few stems of pennywort in the substrate and let the rest float, lots of dangly root growth there. I’m very happy with growth of both the crypt spiralis and crypt parva. Really just need to make the time to do some trimming in all the tanks.

A few days after I got home the AquaClear on the 16g just died. I took the filter completely apart and cleaned everything but couldn’t get it running. Of course this was after 9pm so my only option was WalMart where I got a Whisper Internal Power Filter. I like the looks of it and it’s surprisingly quiet-only negative I’ve found is output can’t be adjusted-but it leaves the tank way underfiltered. Because of the tank’s location I get a lot of reflection with pics, this shot was taken from the side:

Going to use this opportunity to upgrade to a larger AquaClear and order more green neons from Rachel when the weather is warmer.


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