Aquarium Updates

It’s been a while since my last aquarium update so after some major maintenance here are some updated pics.

A few changes in the 16g but nothing major. The pennywort in the new(er) Spec just wouldn’t stay rooted so it’s now a floater in the big tank. The T5 bulb burned out. I dug a Finnex Stingray LED out of the basement and am using that instead. The tank is brighter and I like the colors, just not very happy with the look of the fixture and the original plastic hood. Another future project 🙄 With this particular tank I have the light on a timer which I’ve had to adjust due to both the longer days and the fact that there was a bit of an algae bloom. Still planning to add more neons when the weather is consistently warmer.

The new(er) Spec without the pennywort, I also played around a bit with the rocks and wood. Nice growth on the sword.

The original Spec, which is on my desk. Not easy to see in the pic but the dwarf sag on the left has gone crazy, lots and lots of runners! I’ll eventually remove the moss balls, trim some of the runners, and replant them on the right.



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