November Dogs Pics

Posting pics daily on IG @rawfeedingfun and Twitter @QueenOfZoom


4 thoughts on “November Dogs Pics

  1. Im so glad to know Im not the only fur mommy who loves taking pics of her fur babies!😆 I have pups on the smaller end, 1 Chiweenie & 1 Chihuahua, Bruiser & Roxy. Seems like your babies are a little more photogenic than yours, mine see my cell come out for pics & they turn the other way.Found your blog while searching for help with my Bruisers upset tummy issues & although he hasnt been dxd with a mast cell tumor (thankfully!)I started him on Tagamet & it worked amazing!He hasnt been sleeping because of the tummy trouble(hes restless & lays there awake, VERY unusual for a dachshind)Sleep has never been hard for Bruiser! haha He hadnt slept for 5 nights, had 1 night he did after we gave him a hemp treat sample our groomer gave us, then right back to no sleep🙄Several nights before that too. Last night was 1st day of Tagamet & he slept all night! Its like when my kids were babies, my fur babies are my life just as Im sure yours are too. Going to watch things & follow up with our vet at some point but I appreciate all your information.Where did you find the paw print mold you used for the Golden Paste recipe? No matter his diagnosis, it seems that the Golden Paste is good to have anyways.Will check out your IG page. Thanks!

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