Throwback Thursday

Mr B left us a year ago today. I still miss him terribly-Christmas was particularly difficult-and I doubt that will ever change. They aren’t ‘just dogs’, they are family.

Mar 24 2015 last B photo Jan 07 2015 B Dan walk

Jan 07 2015 mom and B


Another Dog: Venting

Please don’t tell me to get another dog, that doing so will help. Even if I didn’t have the four other dogs that wouldn’t be an option.

If you lost a spouse, a sibling, a child would it be ok for me to tell you to get another? And yes, losing a dog is the same thing. I still think about him, dream about him, wait for his single bark because he woke up from a nap alone, wait to see his excited dance at meal time. Those things won’t ever go away; I’m starting to cry even as I sit here writing this.

In trying to be kind sometimes the words we choose can cause more pain than comfort.

Mr B