New Dog Bed

The floor of the playhouse is the same material as the sides and top which makes it somewhat difficult to clean. The vacuum tries to suck the material in so I got to the point where I’d just wrestle the whole house outside and try to shake it clean.

I researched round rugs as an option but couldn’t find anything simple and relatively inexpensive. Thanks to a few Facebook friends though we now have a solution!

The K&H Self-Warming Cuddle Ball Dog Bed happened to be on clearance from Sierra Trading Post, marked down from $70 to $31 for the 48″ large. After measuring the floor I thought that might be a bit too large but ordering smaller would result in a gap between the bed and walls where dirt would accumulate.

It arrived less than a week after ordering and it’s definitely a big bed but I’m so happy with it: fits perfectly, the colors are nice, and it fluffs right back after the dogs have been laying on it. They were a little hesitant at first because of its height but quickly made the adjustment for getting in & out of the house. These are all pics from the day it arrived:


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Review: Maltipaws

Yes, I have a problem like to browse and shop for dog collars. In the past I would randomly find something I liked and purchase, then a few years ago I found Maltipaws. She makes really nice collars in a big variety of fabrics with new options being added very often.

Dog collars are offered in five sizes, fitting necks from 7″ to 29″, and four widths. For both Doodle and Teddy I order 1″ width in medium. Personalization, bandanas, bow ties, collar flowers, etc are also available. I hand wash the collars in warm water with Dawn and lay flat to dry.

You can shop either here or on Etsy.

Not the entire collection…

Bazaar Bohemian Princess

Totally Girly Princess Crown Gingham Glitter Polka Dot Stripes Hearts and Flowers

Scattered Red Pink and White Hearts on Black

Harvest Chevron Zig Zag Stripe

Christmas Stripes and Polka Dots

Listen To Your Mummy Orange and Black Halloween Stripes and Polka Dots

Apple Cider Orange Green and Brown Stripes with Sunflowers and Leaves

Pirate Fish on Blue

Just a Little Crabby Crabs

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Review: Pet Gift Box December

Yesterday the December Pet Gift Box arrived:

A Paw print ornament kit
B Mascot Pet Products candy cane fragrance collar
C Candy cane squeaky toy
D Polka Dog Bakery Stocking Stuffer
E Gingerbread man squeaky toy

I gave this one a try for two months but I’m going to cancel. While I do like that each month has a theme the items aren’t worth $25 in terms of use for me/my dogs. I had been planning to get a paw print ornament kit so I was happy about that; the collar and treats will most likely get donated to a shelter. The toys are definitely cute but with my dogs I know they won’t last. I’m going to start researching boxes that consistently send edibles, especially chews.

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Review: Pet Gift Box November

Last month I saw an offer for one month of Pet Gift Box for $5. Boxes are advertised to contain treats, toys, chews, and accessories. Purchases help feed rescue pets. Subscriptions are billed monthly, can be cancelled at any time, and are available for three sizes of dogs as well as cats. Prices start at $25 per month and points can be accumulated to be redeemed towards future purchases.

Even though I ordered late in the month I was sent the November box, which was Thanksgiving/fall themed:

A list of contents isn’t sent with the box. November included a roast turkey plush squeaky toy, fall leaf squeaky, Dogs Love Kale turkey sweet potato treats, Exclusively Dog meatloaf slices, and a Bubba Rose Biscuit Company ‘pumpkin pie’ dog cookie. I didn’t research the toys but I found cost value of the edibles to be just over $21, meaning the box is definitely worth $25.

I was quite happy with this box and like the fact that there’s a monthly theme. I’m thinking about trying another month or two, hoping to see if more chews are sent than treats.

Cricket was absolutely thrilled with her new turkey friend:

And after a bit of initial hesitation Doodle decided the fall leaf was a good toy:

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Review: Kai Krates December

The December Kai Krates box arrived earlier this week:

A Dawgeee Natural Leather Tug Bone
B Sergeant Grey Dog Replaceable Squeaker Plush Toy
C Hueter Toledo 5 Inch Squeakerless Squeaking Football
D 5.5 Oz Buddy Bones Dog Treats
E Barkworthies Natural Beef Backstrap Chew
F Barky Bark Medium Dog Treat Chew

It’s a nice mix of toys and treats. I signed up for a three month subscription, since then prices have gone up so I’m not sure what I’ll do after the third box. There are a a couple services geared towards heavy-duty chewers that I might like to try. If you know of any dog gift boxes that offer a one-month trial please let me know!

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Review: Grriggles Scented Gingerbread Man

I decided to give Doodle the gingerbread man that was part of the Rescue Box that arrived last week. She gets so excited about new toys, this time was no exception. At first she just ran around with it in her mouth then went from room to room trying to get someone to throw it for her. After getting tired from toy fetch she ‘played’ with it by herself…squeaker was gone first and not long after gingerbread man was destroyed.

It lasted approximately 45 minutes which was longer than I expected. Until I got the box I’d never heard of scented dog toys…it was ok at first but after a few minutes smelled like a combination of not-quite-cinnamon and bad dog breath. I checked a bunch of web sites and it looks like this averages around $10. I definitely wouldn’t pay that much for it, especially considering the fact that Doodle isn’t a heavy-duty chewer.


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Review: Raw Paws Smoked Oxtails

My second Raw Paws review is for their smoked oxtails. They offer a large variety of treats and chews. I wanted to go with something the dogs had never had before. These are rated 4 on a hardness scale of 1 to 5.

They are packed in a resealable bag and are approximately 6″ long, thicknesses vary a bit:

All three of the dogs loved these. Lots of crunch, low odor. Teddy is the power chewer and can finish one in 5-10 minutes, the other dogs a bit longer.

These are non-frozen items so flat rate shipping is $5.99 for orders under $49 and free for $49+. They have some other chews I’d be interested in trying so I think I’d come up with a large enough order to get the free shipping.

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Review: Raw Paws Complete Ground Duck

Back in September I posted about Raw Paws Pet Food contacting me to possibly do product reviews. Unfortunately not long after receiving the package Nandy got sick followed by Teddy’s surgery and long recovery. Fast forward and now things are about as normal around here as they ever will be so time to review!

Without much planning I got the duck out of the freezer on Friday. It’s a 5 lb chub of complete ground duck, which feeds the preferred raw ratio of 80% meat/muscle, 10% organ, and 10% bone:

The chub is tightly wrapped and sealed but the next morning I did notice some leaking from both ends. Not really a problem, just something to remember for future usage. It’s long so I had to use two plastic bags to completely cover it:

It was still firm after 48 hours in the refrigerator which made unwrapping it quite easy. I was nicely surprised by how little stuck in the ends of the wrapper:

Very easy to slice:

Teddy is on two meds so I just cut a small hole, dropped the pills in, and resealed:

Cricket is the fussiest eater of the three dogs but even she dug in after just a few seconds of sniffing:

Average daily meals for the three are between 3 and 4.5 lbs, so per pound cost of this for me is a bit high. The dogs loved it though and it’s nice to have a prepared meal without having to think about balance. It’s definitely something I would buy to keep on hand for a special treat or for when I’m out of town. I can also see this being convenient for traveling with dogs.

Thank you to Raw Paws for this opportunity, and a special thank you to Amy for her patience waiting for this to post. Of course the dogs are always appreciative:



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Review: Rescue Box

Not too long ago Coupaw shared a Rescue Box offer, $5 for one month including shipping. Definitely a good deal plus I like the fact that they contribute/work with Greater Good to help provide food and vaccinations for animals in shelters.

Each box includes a rescue story made possible by box purchases:

Definitely a holiday theme here:

The back of the impact card lists the items included in the box, a short description, and value; total for this month is $46.95.  It’s a nice selection of goodies:

A: Winter Snowflake Treats by Fruitables
B: ‘I Ate Santa’s Cookies’ Santa Hat by Outward Hound
C: Holiday Z-Stitch Santa by Zippy Paws
D: Gingerbread Man by Grriggles
E: Paw Tree Pin by The Animal Rescue Site

Rescue Boxes are $29.95 regardless of subscription length. There are three dog sizes available as well as a cat option and shipping is free in the continental US.

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Review: Kai Krates

I’ve found that when searching for dog toys or treats I tend to always look for the same type of products so I decided to check reviews on the various monthly boxes available for dogs. I finally decided to give Kai Krates a try.

They offer monthly, three month, and six month subscriptions starting at $14.99/month with free shipping and can be cancelled at any time. Boxes are available for three sizes of dogs-I went with ‘most dogs’-and have a guaranteed value of over $20. Our box arrived two days after subscribing, plain brown box with blue tissue paper lining. Nothing fancy but I’d rather not pay extra just for special packaging.

The dogs all have their own favorites: Cricket loves any sort of ball type toy, with Doodle it’s bones or chews, and Teddy prefers snacks or treats. This box had something for each of them:

A: Exclusively Pet Barking Bus Animal Cookie Dog Treats
B: Amazing Pet Slinger Flying Pig Toy
C: 15 Inch Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar Toy
D: Medium ChuckIt Tennis Ball
E: Smokehouse Large Bacon Twist Chew
F: All Natural Cow Hoof

I’m very happy with all the products, definitely think this box was worth the money, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what we get next month!

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