Review: Grriggles Scented Gingerbread Man

I decided to give Doodle the gingerbread man that was part of the Rescue Box that arrived last week. She gets so excited about new toys, this time was no exception. At first she just ran around with it in her mouth then went from room to room trying to get someone to throw it for her. After getting tired from toy fetch she ‘played’ with it by herself…squeaker was gone first and not long after gingerbread man was destroyed.

It lasted approximately 45 minutes which was longer than I expected. Until I got the box I’d never heard of scented dog toys…it was ok at first but after a few minutes smelled like a combination of not-quite-cinnamon and bad dog breath. I checked a bunch of web sites and it looks like this averages around $10. I definitely wouldn’t pay that much for it, especially considering the fact that Doodle isn’t a heavy-duty chewer.


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Review: Rescue Box

Not too long ago Coupaw shared a Rescue Box offer, $5 for one month including shipping. Definitely a good deal plus I like the fact that they contribute/work with Greater Good to help provide food and vaccinations for animals in shelters.

Each box includes a rescue story made possible by box purchases:

Definitely a holiday theme here:

The back of the impact card lists the items included in the box, a short description, and value; total for this month is $46.95.  It’s a nice selection of goodies:

A: Winter Snowflake Treats by Fruitables
B: ‘I Ate Santa’s Cookies’ Santa Hat by Outward Hound
C: Holiday Z-Stitch Santa by Zippy Paws
D: Gingerbread Man by Grriggles
E: Paw Tree Pin by The Animal Rescue Site

Rescue Boxes are $29.95 regardless of subscription length. There are three dog sizes available as well as a cat option and shipping is free in the continental US.

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Review: Kai Krates

I’ve found that when searching for dog toys or treats I tend to always look for the same type of products so I decided to check reviews on the various monthly boxes available for dogs. I finally decided to give Kai Krates a try.

They offer monthly, three month, and six month subscriptions starting at $14.99/month with free shipping and can be cancelled at any time. Boxes are available for three sizes of dogs-I went with ‘most dogs’-and have a guaranteed value of over $20. Our box arrived two days after subscribing, plain brown box with blue tissue paper lining. Nothing fancy but I’d rather not pay extra just for special packaging.

The dogs all have their own favorites: Cricket loves any sort of ball type toy, with Doodle it’s bones or chews, and Teddy prefers snacks or treats. This box had something for each of them:

A: Exclusively Pet Barking Bus Animal Cookie Dog Treats
B: Amazing Pet Slinger Flying Pig Toy
C: 15 Inch Mammoth Monkey Fist Bar Toy
D: Medium ChuckIt Tennis Ball
E: Smokehouse Large Bacon Twist Chew
F: All Natural Cow Hoof

I’m very happy with all the products, definitely think this box was worth the money, and I’m very much looking forward to seeing what we get next month!

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Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll

I’m a big fan of Jolly Pets ball toys for the dogs and recently ordered a 6″ Romp-n-Roll. Doodle has been acting normally since her lightbulb incident so I decided to let her try it out this evening. Seems to be another buy-again toy!

Sep 19 2014 Doodle ball 1

Sep 19 2014 Doodle ball 2

Like Cricket she would literally play until she dropped:

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Friday Yard Fun

Absolutely gorgeous weather here in MD today. While Mr B stayed in the house guarding our bed I went in the yard and got these shots of Cricket & Doodle playing with their Jolly Pet Teaser Balls:

Sep-06-2013-(8) Sep-06-2013-(18) Sep-06-2013-(20) Sep-06-2013-(21) Sep-06-2013-(22)

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Doodle’s Gift

Doodle loves squeaky toys so for her first birthday last month we got her a 24″ loofa dog toy. At first she seemed a bit intimidated by the size but decided to give it a try once she saw the other dogs playing with it. At this point there’s just a flat scrap of material left that she continues to play with….

Jul-16-2013-toy-(5) Jul-16-2013-toy-(15) Jul-16-2013-toy-(34) Jul-16-2013-toy-(41) Jul-16-2013-toy-(64) Jul-16-2013-toy-(68)

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BarkBox – April

Our April BarkBox arrived yesterday, the theme is keeping dogs entertained in the house during bad weather. This month’s box includes:

This was an interesting mix of goodies! I haven’t tried the GroomMitts yet but apparently they are supposed to replace a bath. As much as the dogs love rope toys I try to avoid them because of the mess. I gave this one to the puppies this morning for a few minutes and of course they liked it, hopefully it lasts longer than others we’ve had!

We’re in the middle of a bathroom remodel so Mr B has been spending a lot of time with me while that work has been going on (the other three are too social and would probably drive the contractor crazy so they stay in my bedroom). Because of that Mr B ended up with the duck chew (gone in minutes) and the shin bone. He’s had the bone for 30 minutes or so and has only gotten out a bit of the stuffing so I think this one is a winner!

This is our third BarkBox and I’m definitely glad we gave it a try!

April BarkBoxB duck puppies rope puppies rope B bone

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Kong Wobbler

I recently ordered a large Kong Wobbler. If you haven’t seen or used one of these it’s similar to a regular Kong except larger and made out of a harder plastic. It twists open to fill with kibble or small treats; great for a fast-eating dog or simply to give your dog a challenge at meal time. Doodle showed the most interest in the Wobbler, the other three kind of followed the resulting trail of kibble 😉 I would definitely buy this again.

Doodle Wobbler Doodle Wobbler Doodle Wobbler Doodle Wobbler

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BarkBox – March

Our March BarkBox arrived yesterday with the following goodies:

The two toys are cute but I’m sure the dogs would destroy them quickly. There seems to be a plushie or similar every month so I’m thinking about saving these two until I have enough for each of the dogs.

Little Eatz are The Treat You BOTH Can Eat! My dogs will eat anything, but five of the humans in the house tried these and yes, they are a tasty, crunchy peanut butter cookie!

The poop bag holder is cute, shaped like a bone with a clip so that it can be attached to a belt, collar, bag strap, etc. I have no idea how many bags it contains; in the five years we’ve owned dogs we’ve never actually bought poop bags!

I’m not sure if I’ll be using the $10 coupon. It’s a bit of a disappointment that it has an expiration date of March 31, only ten days from now.

March bark boxMar-21-2013-bark-box-(5)

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Jolly Pets Teaser Ball

In my on-going quest for long-lasting toys the Jolly Pet Teaser Ball got very good reviews and quite a few recommendations. I ordered the 8 inch ball and we’ve had it now for three weeks. Cricket-our in-house ball expert-loves it, although she’d probably have an easier time playing with one of the smaller versions. These are my thoughts:

  • It makes a lot of noise on non-carpeted floors
  • It shows tooth marks with very little play, leaving me to wonder how long it will actually last
  • The ball is large but the openings make it easy for even small dogs like Doodle to pick up
  • It’s easily cleaned after play in a muddy yard
  • In our family this will definitely be an outside-only toy

jolly-ball jolly-ball jolly-ball jolly-ball jolly-ball jolly-ball

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