Aquarium Updates and Plans

Had a nice evening working on the tanks…that might sound odd but putting on some music, getting everything organized, and accomplishing a lot is a pretty good feeling. I don’t know if it’s the lighting or what but I prefer doing this stuff after dark. In order to keep on schedule I do all three tanks which is trimming and removing dying/dead plant leaves, cleaning or replacing filter media, water change, and adding plant fertilizers.

The 16g is difficult to photograph because of lighting and reflections regardless of time of day. I’ve never had a lot of luck with plants in this tank, most likely because of the depth and the fact that I just use standard lighting. The plants are doing well though, just very, very slow growing. I ordered a third piece of spider wood for the back left. I’m tossing around the idea of adding more green neons as well which in turn has me researching upgraded filters. It’s a 16g and I’m running an AquaClear 50 with extra media so technically I’m over filtering but I’m also overstocked. Other than that and a lack of patience with the plants I’m pretty happy with this tank.

Right now the original Spec 5 is my favorite. The Endlers are always active and I see new fry every few days. My original goal was a subwassertang mountain or hill. It was a lot of work and time before it finally settled down into basically one very large clump but I love the look. Only downside: shrimp seem to love it too and spend a lot of time hiding in there.

And finally the second Spec 5. Things were going well with this one until some drilling was done in the wall behind the (unprotected) tank, which resulted in the loss of at least four white clouds and two shrimp. Daily small water changes after that happened and I think the water quality is finally back to normal. I would definitely like to replace the lost fish and shrimp at some point. Plants are doing well other than a small bit of melt on the crypt spiralis (expected) and the snails have been regularly uprooting some of the tiny crypt parva. Shrimp travel better with something to hold onto in the bag and I was lucky enough to get an entire narrow leaf java fern in my last order. I tucked that into the driftwood near the spiralis, I think the two plants complement each other.



New Aquarium Updates

The second piece of driftwood I ordered for the new tank arrived today, as well as the plant weights for the stubborn sword plant. This evening before:

First task was to replant the crypts (spiralis and parva) that the snails uprooted. Removed some melted leaves from the pennywort, added the new driftwood, and planted the sword. I’m really happy with how it looks although I think I need to do something with the right front corner. I’m also debating if I should add a background to the tank or not.

Oct 24 2016 after

Aquarium Update/Build

I was kind of meh about the aquariums for a few months…summer was busier with the kids then there was poor Nandy followed by Teddy’s surgery. I had six tanks running and got to the point where I felt overwhelmed thinking about doing anything with them. Finally gave myself a kick in the butt and started downsizing: I now have three with the bonus of them all being in the same room which makes maintenance much easier.

The following photos show a somewhat quick build I did starting earlier this week, specific info & links after the pictures:


-Aquarium: Fluval Spec V Aquarium Kit
-Substrate: National Geographic Aquarium Sand
-Rocks: eBay
-Wood: Emours Aquarium Driftwood
-Betta: Petco
-Plants: Planted Aquariums Central
-White clouds, Amano shrimp, and nerite snails: Invertebrates by Msjinkzd

Poll: Ghosts

A random poll for my daughter Cynthia Vivian 🙂

Feb 29 2016 ghosts