Doodle Update

Doodle had surgery on the 5th to remove/drain an aural hematoma. Buttons were sewn in place to help prevent pockets where fluid could reaccumulate.

Yesterday we had an appointment to have the buttons removed. One of the incisions had trouble clotting-mainly because she kept scratching her head-so she had to stay overnight again. Came home earlier this afternoon.

Happy to be home 😜 💕

Daily photos on IG @rawfeedingfun 🐶


New Chew 2

Teddy is a heavy-duty, powerful chewer. While a marrow bone can last months for Doodle Teddy can crack one into pieces in a short amount of time. So instead of a deer antler I decided to get him elk. This is a medium, 5 to 8″, from Elkhorn Premium Chews on Amazon:

Ted is very patient and has no issue with his crate time, especially if he has something to chew so that’s where I gave him the antler. Unlike Doodle he wasted no time getting down to business:

So while the jury is still out with Doodle and her antler Teddy is definitely a happy customer 🙂