Saturday Tedventure


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Nesting Doodle

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New Playground Tedventure

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New Chew 2

Teddy is a heavy-duty, powerful chewer. While a marrow bone can last months for Doodle Teddy can crack one into pieces in a short amount of time. So instead of a deer antler I decided to get him elk. This is a medium, 5 to 8″, from Elkhorn Premium Chews on Amazon:

Ted is very patient and has no issue with his crate time, especially if he has something to chew so that’s where I gave him the antler. Unlike Doodle he wasted no time getting down to business:

So while the jury is still out with Doodle and her antler Teddy is definitely a happy customer 🙂

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New Chew

Doodle is a stress chewer, not destructive but with marrow bones or occasionally cow hooves. After doing a bunch of research I decided to get her a deer antler, specifically a large (6-8″) from Heartland Antlers on Amazon:

She wasn’t sure what to make of it at first:

But then figured out it was something to chew on:


She ended up taking it into the playhouse and fell asleep:

Not sure if that was boredom with the antler or simply fatigue but I decided to soak it in broth:

I’ll let it cool overnight and see what she thinks of it tomorrow.


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Big Barker!

Teddy will start sleeping in my room after the youngest daughter goes to college in August. After having two knee surgeries in approximately six months and most likely more in his future (‘wonky legs train wreck’) I wanted to get the best orthopedic dog bed I could find. Hours of research later I decided on a Big Barker, specifically the headrest edition in size large.

These beds get absolutely fantastic reviews, 94% five star on Amazon, and actually come with a 10 year warranty. I placed the order on June 18 and it arrived today.

sooo much plastic wrap!

bag underneath the wrap

starts to decompress very quickly

The last two photos were taken 45 minutes after unpackaging. With compression the beds need 12 to 24 hours to reach full thickness and size; I’ll definitely be updating with more pics.

I’d like to note that customer service/communication with Big Barker has been fantastic, we even received welcome/thank you emails, a post card, and a phone call. To make life a bit easier the waterproof liner I also ordered was already put on the foam mattress saving me a wrestling match with a rather large dog bed 😀

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Another Tedventure

Ted visited the tennis courts for the first time since his surgery last month. This was also the first time he got to play with his Durable Stick Dog Toy, highly recommended for dogs who like to chew sticks and end up with bleeding gums 🙄

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Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll

I’m a big fan of Jolly Pets ball toys for the dogs and recently ordered a 6″ Romp-n-Roll. Doodle has been acting normally since her lightbulb incident so I decided to let her try it out this evening. Seems to be another buy-again toy!

Sep 19 2014 Doodle ball 1

Sep 19 2014 Doodle ball 2

Like Cricket she would literally play until she dropped:

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Daily After-Dinner Routine

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Spring Sunday

We had absolutely gorgeous weather here today and took advantage of that with lots of time outside with the dogs. Even Mr B did some running around!

Apr-07-2013-(13) Apr-07-2013-(18) Apr-07-2013-(22)


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