Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll

I’m a big fan of Jolly Pets ball toys for the dogs and recently ordered a 6″ Romp-n-Roll. Doodle has been acting normally since her lightbulb incident so I decided to let her try it out this evening. Seems to be another buy-again toy!

Sep 19 2014 Doodle ball 1

Sep 19 2014 Doodle ball 2

Like Cricket she would literally play until she dropped:

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Daily After-Dinner Routine

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Spring Sunday

We had absolutely gorgeous weather here today and took advantage of that with lots of time outside with the dogs. Even Mr B did some running around!

Apr-07-2013-(13) Apr-07-2013-(18) Apr-07-2013-(22)


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Clever Cricket

This is the video behind yesterday’s post.

Cricket started playing this game last week. At first I thought it was a one time thing but she’s been doing it almost every day. She goes under the couch-sometimes with a bone, sometimes without-and teases Doodle. She’ll stick her nose or paw out at one end and wait….when Doodle finds her she plays for a minute then retreats to another part of the couch to start again. This has gone on and on, neither of them gets tired of the game quickly.

A special thanks to Ikea for a couch that’s not only comfortable but keeps my dogs entertained as well 😉

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Silly Doodle

A very grey and rainy day here…the dogs are all napping in various parts of the house. I unfortunately have a big to-do list including a doctor appointment in half an hour. So today I’m sharing a short video of silly Doodle enjoying the crib mattress we got for Mr B:

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Lazy Afternoon

Recently there have been a number of posts over at The Daily Post have been about adding video to blogs so I thought I’d share this short clip I took earlier this afternoon:

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