Nandy is a pit bull/shar pei mix who I found while browsing the Washington Humane Society’s dog listings. I knew as soon as I saw her photo that she would join our family. Nandy ended up at the shelter as an owner surrender because of breed-specific legislation (BSL).
Born 2007, also called Crabby Old Lady, Nommy, Moose Moose; died August 30, 2016
(photo courtesy of WHS)


We think Cricket (Victoria) is a pit bull/border collie mix. She and her siblings were left in a box outside the Washington Humane Society just before Christmas 2011. At the time I had added pit bull puppy to both my Christmas list and bucket list.
Born 2011, also called Tick, Bbz, Princess
(photo courtesy of WHS)


Mr B (Brinx) found himself at the shelter because his owner could no longer care for him. He quickly became a staff favorite and then moved into a foster home. He is my first experience with both a deaf dog and a senior dog.
Born 2003, also called B, Big Guy; died January 7, 2015
(photo courtesy of WHS)


I was checking out Frederick County Animal Control to do volunteer work when I met Doodlebug (Bella). She was taken in as part of a cruely/neglect case and had been at the shelter for almost two months. Despite her rough start in life she is a very happy, snuggly dog.
Born 2012, also called Sweet Pea, Tater
(photo courtesy of FCAC)


Teddy is a pit/American bulldog mix who was picked up by animal control as a stray and ended up at the Montgomery County Humane Society. He is a young dog who loves to play but also very much appreciates a good nap!
Born 2012, also called Buddy, Block Head
(photo courtesy of MCHS)


10 thoughts on “Mugshots

  1. I’ve been forbidden to go to shelters or visit their web sites for years… a lot of good that did me 🙂 Thank you for keeping your pitties cuddly!

    • Thanks for visiting, I’ve just started checking out your blog!

      I still have hope for dog #5. I would definitely have no problem adding another senior to our family…also my middle daughter asked for a bull terrier instead of a senior class ring. Of all my kids she is the most involved with the dogs, and there is a BT rescue not terribly far from us…. 😉

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