Nandy is a pit bull/shar pei mix who I found while browsing the Washington Humane Society’s dog listings. I knew as soon as I saw her photo that she would join our family. Nandy ended up at the shelter as an owner surrender because of breed-specific legislation (BSL).
Born 2007, also called Crabby Old Lady, Nommy, Moose Moose; died August 30, 2016
(photo courtesy of WHS)


We think Cricket (Victoria) is a pit bull/border collie mix. She and her siblings were left in a box outside the Washington Humane Society just before Christmas 2011. At the time I had added pit bull puppy to both my Christmas list and bucket list.
Born 2011, also called Tick, Bbz, Princess
(photo courtesy of WHS)


Mr B (Brinx) found himself at the shelter because his owner could no longer care for him. He quickly became a staff favorite and then moved into a foster home. He is my first experience with both a deaf dog and a senior dog.
Born 2003, also called B, Big Guy; died January 7, 2015
(photo courtesy of WHS)


I was checking out Frederick County Animal Control to do volunteer work when I met Doodlebug (Bella). She was taken in as part of a cruely/neglect case and had been at the shelter for almost two months. Despite her rough start in life she is a very happy, snuggly dog.
Born 2012, also called Sweet Pea, Tater
(photo courtesy of FCAC)


Teddy is a pit/American bulldog mix who was picked up by animal control as a stray and ended up at the Montgomery County Humane Society. He is a young dog who loves to play but also very much appreciates a good nap!
Born 2012, also called Buddy, Block Head
(photo courtesy of MCHS)


10 thoughts on “Mugshots

  1. Definitely no unsupervised visits for me either.

  2. Run A Muck Ranch

    I’ve been forbidden to go to shelters or visit their web sites for years… a lot of good that did me 🙂 Thank you for keeping your pitties cuddly!

    • Thanks for visiting, I’ve just started checking out your blog!

      I still have hope for dog #5. I would definitely have no problem adding another senior to our family…also my middle daughter asked for a bull terrier instead of a senior class ring. Of all my kids she is the most involved with the dogs, and there is a BT rescue not terribly far from us…. 😉

  3. Your dogs are beautiful, as are your human children. I found you through Mr & Mrs and Nola Kisses and I will definitely be back and following your adventures.

  4. Hi! I nominated you for an award! Check it out my blog post for the details:

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  6. You are definitely a pet lover !! Loved the pics 😀

    • Glad you liked them! Technically only two dogs now-and three aquariums-but I’m still not allowed to go visit the shelter alone 😉

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