Adventuring Teddy

Teddy loves car rides but likes to move around so I recently ordered a seat belt restraint for him. Beautiful weather here on Tuesday so Emily took him to Bruster’s for a Doggy Sundae (vanilla ice cream cup with Milk Bones). He was not impressed with the restraint:

Gagging & choking plus his pout face earned him a spot in the front seat:

He did enjoy his ice cream:

Used his indignant face but with the restraint properly adjusted his stayed in the back seat for the rest of the trip:

Later the girls took him to Home Depot. Natalie shopped while Emily gave him the grand tour of the store:

Teddy’s Tuesday

Decided to get a betta for the Spec 5 so Emily, Teddy, and I went to Petco today. Teddy is very good with car rides but does get a bit lonely in the back seat so I think it might be time to research a car restraint for him:

Jun 14 2016 ted ca

Did a bit of walking first:

Teddy wanted to check out the flowers:

Tried on a hat that I ended up buying. It didn’t even bother him that the tag covered his eye:

He wasn’t interested in the cats, ferrets, mice, birds, or turtles:

He did seem interested in the fish though, first the freshwater section:

And then the salties:

After a short visit with this friend he got a cookie from the cashier and we headed home:

Post-adventure nap: