Ice Cream Tedventure

Took Teddy to Bruster’s for a Doggy Sundae after his laser treatment the other night. He loves car rides, being around people (everyone is a friend!), and of course ice cream!


Adventuring Teddy

Teddy loves car rides but likes to move around so I recently ordered a seat belt restraint for him. Beautiful weather here on Tuesday so Emily took him to Bruster’s for a Doggy Sundae (vanilla ice cream cup with Milk Bones). He was not impressed with the restraint:

Gagging & choking plus his pout face earned him a spot in the front seat:

He did enjoy his ice cream:

Used his indignant face but with the restraint properly adjusted his stayed in the back seat for the rest of the trip:

Later the girls took him to Home Depot. Natalie shopped while Emily gave him the grand tour of the store: