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Throwback Thursday

This was the first raw meal I ever fed. I got into raw feeding after Mr B was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor, panic mode willing to try almost anything. He ended up with us longer than originally estimated, I credit both that and improved quality of life to raw feeding.

Daily photos on IG @rawfeedingfun 🐶

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Doodle Update

It’s been a week since Doodle’s surgery. She finished her antibiotics and pain meds but is still on a soft diet for another seven days. We have an appointment on Monday to have her staples removed and talk with the vet. I’ve been giving her bone broth, Golden Paste, CBD oil, and will be starting her on Benadryl and Tagamet. It seems like her mouth still bothers her once in awhile but otherwise everything is back to normal in her world.

beef tripe, bone broth, ground whole pork, Golden Paste

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Doodle News

I’m not a writer. I’ve struggled with this post since last night trying to figure out what to say. Long story short, Doodle had surgery on Wednesday to have a lump on her leg removed. Yesterday I got the biopsy results which turned out to be ‘Mast Cell Tumor, Low Grade, Grade II’.

I was absolutely not expecting that, completely blind sided. I am trying to to keep busy so my mind doesn’t have to process it, think about it. We have an appointment on the 16th to have the sutures removed and chat with the vet.

headed to the vet

small lump, three sutures

pain meds 😄

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Discover Challenge: Memory

Weekly Discover Challenge: Memory

For this week’s Discover challenge, let’s focus on memory. In any medium you choose (text, photography, ink, watercolor, oil paints, collage….) recall an event, experience, or object that holds special meaning for you.

I received the email with this challenge early in the morning and the first idea that came to mind was Mr B’s last day. Almost a year and a half ago but I remember it very, very clearly…

Jan 07 2015 mom and B

Jan 07 2015 B Dan walk

Mar 24 2015 last B photo

Mr B

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Throwback Thursday

Mr B left us a year ago today. I still miss him terribly-Christmas was particularly difficult-and I doubt that will ever change. They aren’t ‘just dogs’, they are family.

Mar 24 2015 last B photo Jan 07 2015 B Dan walk

Jan 07 2015 mom and B

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6 months

Hard to believe Mr B has been gone for six months now, it still feels like yesterday.

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Mr B’s Last Photo

My youngest daughter took a lot of photos while we were at the vet saying good bye to Mr B. I uploaded them to my computer right away but haven’t been able to look at them until now. This was his very last photo. I miss that dog so much.

Mar 24 2015 last B photo

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Mr B spent a lot of time on this futon…easy for him to get onto, comfy with lots of blankets and pillows, fireplace in the room so it was nice and warm. I keeping walking in expecting to see him….

Jan 09 2015 futon



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Mr. B was such a special dog- he made a lot of people smile. Thank you for giving him a wonderful home and making him feel loved and happy. He was very lucky to have you. And, even though it hurts like hell to lose a best friend, I think you are lucky to have allowed yourself to love and care about a pup so deeply, to have had a special “soul mate dog.” I’m glad Mr. B is at peace, and I’m so sorry that you’re hurting. I miss him, especially his upside-down crooked smile. Glad I had the opportunity to have him in my life for a bit.

He was a favorite of mine. I fell in love with his awesome, big block head and fell even more in love with his relationship with you. I’m so sorry you lost him but he was loved so well. He was meant to be yours.

So much love to you guys for taking this superbly lucky elderbull in. Knowing where he came from and where he got to go for the rest of his life, you guys have no clue how amazing you are:) To quote A.A. Milne – “how lucky I am to have had something that makes saying goodbye so hard”. He was a special guy and I’m so glad he got to enjoy his senior time with you all.

We can’t console you, we cannot really share your pain — even if we have lost dogs of our own. The best we can do is say we hurt with you.

I’m so very sorry for your loss. There is no doubt that he had a wonderful life with you folks. More dogs should be so lucky. RIP Mr. B.

I’m happy he enjoyed his life with a loving family. I will miss watching him here. Thank you for sharing. I’m sorry for your loss.

I’m so sorry! This dog lived an awesome life though and truly knew what love was. I’m glad his suffering is over.

You gave him the best gift ever – a love filled life. I cannot imagine or comprehend your sorrow at this time.

You and the family have our sincere condolences. You took great care of the old dude and truly did everything possible to make his last years special comfortable ones. Hugs to you and the kids.

So very sorry Theresa huge HUGS to you and your family. You gave him a very wonderful life that he may never had the chance to have. Thinking of you all tonight.

I share your heartbreak. Your photos and stories and the love that your whole pack shared is an example for us all. We feel your loss and will never forget your big Mr. B.

Oh no no no. I’m so sorry for your loss. Mr. B had the most wonderful life with you and your family. I will miss his face so much.

Oh *tears* I am so damn sorry, you guys gave him so much, what a golden ticket he had found with you . I know your hearts are broke , many many hugs .

Theresa I’m so so saddened and sorry about Mr B. I feel like I lost one of my own. He was one of my first FB “doggie friends” and I felt such a connection with him since he and Puddin’ and Walter were so much alike. My heart truly aches for you. I’m just sick with sadness and tears for you. I know Walter and Puddin’ were there to greet him at at the Bridge. The world lost a great dog.

Jan 07 2015 B Dan walk

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Jan 07 2015 mom and B

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