The Definition of Friendship

A little background: Doodle and Teddy are both approximately 4 years old, they come from different shelters, have been together since 2013. They have been best friends ever since, no other way to describe it.

When Teddy first started showing signs of pain and lameness it was obvious she knew something was wrong and wouldn’t leave his side.

She was miserable the 3 days he was gone. I was worried she would be too overwhelming for him once he got home but she surprised me by making herself his nurse and guardian. First night back I don’t think she slept:

And then I woke up to this:

Friday night I had him out of his crate for a bit, he slept while she watched over him. After putting him back I left the room for maybe 2 minutes, when I came back I found that she had tucked her favorite bone in with him; she was on my bed. This is such a big deal, Doodle just absolutely loves her bones!

I had him out again Saturday night…while she stayed in the same place it was such a relief to see her finally relax enough to sleep: