(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I’ll see you somewhere in dreamland,
somewhere in dreamland tonight.
Over a bridge made of beef treats,
we’ll find our clouds are tennis balls.


Flashback Friday

I found a bunch of pictures that to this point I couldn’t look thru and even now two years later it hurts so much. I remember that whole day, evening, so clearly.

I could write paragraphs but the best tribute is to say he was a great dog that changed my life for the better.

Late Jan 06 2015


Mr B had his cancer/brain tumor diagnosis, lived months longer than doctors expected, and the end-while incredibly sad-was quite peaceful.

Poor Nandy had a completely different experience. She was eight years old and had always been healthy. On Friday she showed signs that something was wrong, we had her at the emergency vet on Saturday. There were tests, talk of Lyme Disease, prescriptions, and we went home.

The next three days were bad for her, different behaviors/symptoms made me think stroke or poisoning. Tuesday evening I doubt she even recognized us. Nandy tolerated other dogs; her entire world was her people. At that point she wasn’t comforted by our voices or touch. She was so amped up that two rounds of sedation did nothing to help her relax. The vet suspected either a brain tumor or brain infection; with how quickly things progressed I’d guess the latter.

I was heart broken after Mr B died. With Nandy I think I’m trying not to feel, to stay numb, because in addition to sadness-grief-I feel guilty, like I let down a good friend.

She was with us for almost eight years so there are many good memories, I’m hoping to get motived in the next few days and post some pictures of those.

December 8, 2008