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Big Barker!

Teddy will start sleeping in my room after the youngest daughter goes to college in August. After having two knee surgeries in approximately six months and most likely more in his future (‘wonky legs train wreck’) I wanted to get the best orthopedic dog bed I could find. Hours of research later I decided on a Big Barker, specifically the headrest edition in size large.

These beds get absolutely fantastic reviews, 94% five star on Amazon, and actually come with a 10 year warranty. I placed the order on June 18 and it arrived today.

sooo much plastic wrap!

bag underneath the wrap

starts to decompress very quickly

The last two photos were taken 45 minutes after unpackaging. With compression the beds need 12 to 24 hours to reach full thickness and size; I’ll definitely be updating with more pics.

I’d like to note that customer service/communication with Big Barker has been fantastic, we even received welcome/thank you emails, a post card, and a phone call. To make life a bit easier the waterproof liner I also ordered was already put on the foam mattress saving me a wrestling match with a rather large dog bed 😀

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May Dog Pics

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Ted’s Second Surgery

Ted had his surgery on Friday. It was much less invasive than the first time and he was able to come home Saturday afternoon. He’s tired and medicated but seems comfortable and so far hasn’t shown interest in his incision.

Doodle very happy to see her friend!

ice treatment

Sunday, ~48 hours post op

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Teddy’s Playhouse

For recovery I moved Teddy’s crate into my bedroom. From there he can see out into the hallway across to the living room where I sit at my desk. Other than nighttime though I’ve tried to use it as little as possible. Unfortunately as he’s been feeling better he’s been acting up where he wants to jump onto my bed or the couch, or even wrestle with Doodle. At those times he ends up back in ‘jail’ and he makes it quite clear he doesn’t like that at all.

In order to get anything done around the house without constantly having to watch him I ended up ordering a Parkland Pet Playpen, which arrived yesterday. Very easy to assemble and much larger than I expected; as you can see by the photos it easily accommodates a 50 lb dog, a few dog beds, pillows, blanket. etc. It took him a bit but he finally went in on his own, and once he saw the King Ted Bed he wasted no time settling in.

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Wordless Wednesday

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King of Comfort

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Wordless Wednesday

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Teddy’s Recovery

So Teddy is doing well. After Tuesday he will only be on one prescription. He’s been regularly putting some weight on the bad leg, had five of his 13 laser treatments, and his two week checkup is later this week. Most days he’ll just lay around and nap but once in a while I know he’s feeling better when he decides he wants to jump onto the bed or couch. I’ve been lucky that there was only one instance where that ended up causing him pain and crate time for the day. Doodle still considers herself on nurse duty but has finally relaxed enough that she can actually nap with him when he’s out of the crate.

Sep 29 2016 many bed

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Wordless Wednesday

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A Recovery Day With Teddy

A bit of Teddy attitude after getting warned about licking his incision:

Morning sniffs in the front yard…he really enjoys just watching everything going on in the neighborhood:

Lunch! He eats in a different crate so he doesn’t mess up his orthopedic bed:

Afternoon potty break in the back yard:

Teddy never had a big interest in toys but I made sure to have a supply on hand so he wouldn’t get bored with crate time:

Hanging out next to my desk in the evening:

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