Doodle Update

Doodle had surgery on the 5th to remove/drain an aural hematoma. Buttons were sewn in place to help prevent pockets where fluid could reaccumulate.

Yesterday we had an appointment to have the buttons removed. One of the incisions had trouble clotting-mainly because she kept scratching her head-so she had to stay overnight again. Came home earlier this afternoon.

Happy to be home 😜 💕

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense

Someday I’ll own another dog, and I know I want that dog to be a senior. For this week’s photo challenge I give you this collage of seniors I found currently available in my area.

In the past we always overlooked the older dogs: shortened potential lifespan, medical costs, etc. Then along came Mr B who completely changed my attitude about these elderly gems. Puppies are cute and fun and so much work….there are many benefits in adding an older dog to the family. If you’ve given even this slightest thought to adopting an older dog I suggest you read this article by The Senior Dogs Project.

Photo credits: Washington Humane Society, Mutts Matter Rescue, Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, City of Greenbelt Animal Control, BARCS, and Friends of Homeless Animals