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Raw Feeding Adventures

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New Meats

A new Asian market opened near our house so I stopped by today to check it out. It’s a very nice, clean store, large variety in both their meat and seafood departments.

I got chicken drumsticks for .50 per pound, which is an excellent price, and good-sized sardines for .99 per pound. Everything else I picked up will be new for the dogs: beef feet, duck wings, and duck feet.

May-02-2014-meat-(4) May-02-2014-meat-(8) May-02-2014-meat-(9)


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More Meals


Boneless beef, turkey wing, green tripe, mackerel


Boneless pork, pork liver, ground pork (with bone & organs), chicken leg, boneless beef, turkey heart


Boneless pork, sardine, chicken foot, turkey breast, boneless beef, pork liver, turkey heart





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Latest Meat Order

This was my first order with Reel Raw. Their products are more expensive than Big Dan’s but all of their meat is pasture raised, grass fed, free range, etc depending on the animal in question. And all meat and bones are 100% USDA inspected and approved and fit for human consumption; again a big difference from many of the other companies. Excellent customer service when there was a question about one of the items I wanted, and the box arrived exactly a week after I placed the order, very well packaged and everything frozen solid.

Shipping costs are always an issue with meat orders. Real Raw offers free shipping when product is ordered in 50 lb increments. My main reason for this order was to get pork for the dogs and I couldn’t touch their prices at the local grocery stores or Asian markets. I ended up getting a pork complete ground mix (80% meat/muscle, 10% bone, 10% organ), pork feet, pork hocks, pork liver, and turkey necks. The next time I order I will just get the ground mix and liver.

So the freezer is definitely now full and the dogs will be starting their fifth protein some time next week.

Mar-13-2014-(15) Mar-13-2014-(17)

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Raw Meals

At this point the dogs have successfully tried the following proteins: chicken, fish, beef, rabbit, and turkey. Because of the variety, meals are easy to put together and the dogs love what they’re eating!

Below are some photos/menus of meals from the past week or so:


Chicken gizzard, boneless beef, egg, rabbit foot, partial chicken back, green tripe


Rabbit head, beef spleen, chicken gizzard, chicken thigh, boneless beef


Beef liver, chicken thigh, chicken heart, boneless beef, mackerel


Green tripe, beef liver, chicken heart, chicken breast, boneless beef


Turkey leg, turkey heart, chicken back

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Mr B On Raw

At this point Mr B has been on a raw diet for almost a month. He gets approximately 1.2 lbs of food per day. He has had chicken: backs, ribs, breasts, thighs, drumsticks, wings, livers, hearts, feet, whole eggs. The only part I have saved for one of the smaller dogs is necks. In addition to all that chicken he has had turkey necks, mackerel, and green beef tripe.

He literally dances waiting for his food bowl every afternoon….you will never understand a dog truly enjoying a meal until you see him/her with a dish of raw. What’s most difficult right now is the fact that I don’t have the freezer space to stock up on sales: I recently found $1.49 containers of chicken livers marked down to $.60 and had to limit how many I bought. Even so feeding Mr B raw is still less expensive than kibble.

His gas is gone, his mobility has improved even though I cut his supplements. A few of his ‘senior dog’ bumps have disappeared and he just looks really, really good.

Mr B will be joining Dan, Emily, and myself for a trip out of town this weekend. After that I will be switching the other dogs over to raw.

Jan-13-2014-(4) Jan-13-2014-b-dinner-(2)

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Mr B Goes Raw

Just after New Year’s Mr B was switched over to a raw diet. I originally starting researching raw because of his gas. It didn’t matter what food I tried or what protein source, it was always bad.

I’m trying to follow prey model raw as opposed to BARF, the main difference is that the former does not include grains, fruits, vegetables, or dairy products.

This is a very big change so I did literally hours of research, including joining some Facebook groups and email lists. Previously Mr B and the other dogs had had raw eggs, boneless chicken, and chicken livers as treats so I wasn’t concerned about him accepting the food. It was the thought of dogs actually eating bones when we’ve been told for years that’s a big no.

I started him on chicken leg quarters, which I found for .99 per pound. The first meal started with a lot of sniffing and then licking, then he tackled the meal like he’d been eating raw for years! Since then he’s had more eggs and livers as well as chicken feet.

We are currently on day 13 and the gas is gone. He’s a bit more active and there’s a noticeable improvement in his breath. Getting started is admittedly a bit of work…finding sources, comparing prices, storing food. I do weigh each of his meals which many raw feeders don’t do; maybe I’ll eventually get to the point of being comfortable just eye-balling portions.

So definitely expect to see more posts and photos about raw feeding from us, and don’t forget to stop by and ‘like’ Mr B on Facebook!

(the first two photos are from Mr B’s first raw meal, the others are from a few days later)



Jan-07-2014-B-(7) Jan-07-2014-B-(22) Jan-09-2014-(1)

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