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Ted 10 Weeks Post Op

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May Dog Pics

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Another Tedventure

Ted visited the tennis courts for the first time since his surgery last month. This was also the first time he got to play with his Durable Stick Dog Toy, highly recommended for dogs who like to chew sticks and end up with bleeding gums 🙄

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Ted The Model

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Ice Cream Tedventure

Took Teddy to Bruster’s for a Doggy Sundae after his laser treatment the other night. He loves car rides, being around people (everyone is a friend!), and of course ice cream!

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Wordless Wednesday

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More Laser For Ted

Teddy started another round of laser treatments. Other than thunderstorms I can’t think of anything that bothers him; I’m pretty sure he fell asleep during his treatment yesterday.

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Ted’s Second Surgery

Ted had his surgery on Friday. It was much less invasive than the first time and he was able to come home Saturday afternoon. He’s tired and medicated but seems comfortable and so far hasn’t shown interest in his incision.

Doodle very happy to see her friend!

ice treatment

Sunday, ~48 hours post op

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Teddy Update

Teddy had his last laser treatment and a check up today. He’s doing very well, at this point needs longer walks in order to rebuild muscle. Still two more weeks until he’s cleared for all activity so now he’s allowed to climb onto the bed, futon, and couch. It’s going to be a while before I really feel comfortable with him on the stairs and in the backyard unattended.

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Teddy’s Playhouse

For recovery I moved Teddy’s crate into my bedroom. From there he can see out into the hallway across to the living room where I sit at my desk. Other than nighttime though I’ve tried to use it as little as possible. Unfortunately as he’s been feeling better he’s been acting up where he wants to jump onto my bed or the couch, or even wrestle with Doodle. At those times he ends up back in ‘jail’ and he makes it quite clear he doesn’t like that at all.

In order to get anything done around the house without constantly having to watch him I ended up ordering a Parkland Pet Playpen, which arrived yesterday. Very easy to assemble and much larger than I expected; as you can see by the photos it easily accommodates a 50 lb dog, a few dog beds, pillows, blanket. etc. It took him a bit but he finally went in on his own, and once he saw the King Ted Bed he wasted no time settling in.

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